Nathalie Goulet

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Nathalie Goulet is a member of the Senate of France since 2007. Senator for Orne since 2007, she is a member of the Centrist Union group in the Senate. She has authored a book called « L’abécédaire du financement du terrorisme » (The Primer of Terrorist Financing). On the evening of the first round of the presidential elections in 2022, Nathalie Goulet announced that she was going to vote for Emmanuel Macron in the second round calling for placing a "barrier" to the far right.


Individual observers at the 2016 Azerbaijan referendum


Union des démocrates et indépendants (UDI) / Union of Democrats and Independents

Member of the national parliament of France

A constitutional referendum in Azerbaijan has been quite transparent. (2016-09-27)

I visit IDPs every time I arrive in Azerbaijan. The work done in the country really makes me happy. I see changes every time I visit the country. Azerbaijan has been developing under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev. First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva has also played a crucial role in ensuring the country`s achievements. (2016-09-27)
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