Yvan Benedetti

Versions of names: Иван Жан-Батист Бенедетти

Yvan Benedetti is the spokesperson for the French neo-fascist party “The Nationalists” (Les Nationalistes).


Individual Observers at the 2022 pseudo-referendum for the formal annexation of occupied territories of Donetsk to Russia


Ordinary party member The Nationalists / Les Nationalistes (the spokesperson)

I can assure you that the expression of will is taking place in conditions of complete transparency. I spoke with several natives of Ukraine who voted and became convinced that, contrary to the stories of Western media, there was no pressure on them. The people who are here are mostly in favor of joining Russia,” said observer Ivan Jean-Baptiste Benedetti, a member of the Les Nationalistes party and director of the online news portal Jeune Nation. [Translated from Russian]

https://zp-news.ru/society/2022/09/27/38471.html (2023-09-16)

Corresponding elections

From 23 to 27 September 2022, the Russian forces organised a sham election process - pseudo-referendum as a pretext for the formal annexation of the regions of occupied Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson by Russia. The annexation of the four regions was announced on 30 September 2022.