Ibrahim Ismail Refaat

Versions of names: Измаил Рефат, إسماعيل رفعت

Ismail Refaat Ibrahim is a journalist of Youm Al-Sabaa, and a lecturer of journalism at the Lyon International Academy based in Egypt.


Individual Observers at the 2022 pseudo-referendum for the formal annexation of occupied territories of Donetsk to Russia

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Institutional affiliation to Youm Al-Sabaa

Ismael Refat from Egypt noted the openness of the process. He said that he talked with many people, and, in his words, “they all said that they are together with Russia and want to be part of this country.” [Translated from Russian]

https://rossaprimavera.ru/article/8f5506ff (2023-09-17)

Everything is very transparent and open, added observer from Egypt Ismael Refat. “I talked to many people here, and they all said that they are with Russia and want to be part of this country,” he added. [Translated from Russian]

Corresponding elections

From 23 to 27 September 2022, the Russian forces organised a sham election process - pseudo-referendum as a pretext for the formal annexation of the regions of occupied Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson by Russia. The annexation of the four regions was announced on 30 September 2022.