Manuel Vaz Pires da Rocha

Versions of names: Мануэль Ваз Пирес да Роша; Manuel Pires da Rocha; Manuel Vaz Pires de Rocha

Manuel Vaz Pires da Rocha is from Portugal. He is a violin instructor. He served as the former director of the Coimbra and Loulé Conservatory of Music. Da Rocha is with the Portuguese Communist Party. He holds positions within the party's Coimbra Municipal Commission and serves in the Coimbra Municipal Assembly. Additionally, Rocha is involved in leadership roles within the Teachers' Union of the Central Region.


Individual Observers at the 2023 territorial pseudo-elections in the occupied territories of Ukraine


Communist Party

Ordinary party member

We visited many places, saw many people. If I could describe everything that is happening in one word, I would choose the word “Hope”. She, like blood, is important. This is also the most important historical moment we are in, I really hope that life will return to normal. Democracy is when people hold their future in their hands - I observed and saw this during the elections. [Translated from Russian] (2023-12-16)

We did not notice any violations, and people came here freely, without coercion. Elections are a feeling of freedom and we saw this feeling here. [Translated from Russian]

Corresponding elections

From 8 to 10 September 2023, the Russian forces organised widely condemned regional and municipal elections in the regions of occupied Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson. The results were largely rejected by the international community, with North Korea and Syria being the only ones to explicitly recognise them.