Zahid Hamid

Versions of names: Захид Хамид

Zahid Hamid is a Pakistani politician and lawyer. Between 2015 and 2017 he was the Minister for Law and Justice and Minister of Climate Change in the Third Sharif ministry. Zahid Hamid was a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan from 2002 to May 2018.


Individual observers at the 2018 Russian presidential election


پاکستان مسلم لیگ‎; known (PML) / Pakistan Muslim League

Member of the national parliament of Pakistan

Поздравляю Россию с успешно проведенными выборами, которые являют собой манифестацию приверженности демократии, — сказал член Национальной ассамблеи Пакистана Захид Хамид. — Я посетил ЦИК и был поражен, какие огромные возможности были созданы для средств массовой информации. Также я побывал на двух избирательных участках в Москве. Приятно удивлен особым вниманием, которое представители избирательной комиссии уделяли молодым избирателям. (2018-03-19)

Corresponding elections

The seventh presidential election in Russia was held on 18 March 2018. With the exception of the election in Russia-annexed Crimea, this election is considered legitimate. The election held in Crimea for the Russian presidency is internationally considered to be an illegitimate election, see more on this at the election page 2018 Russian presidential election in annexed Crimea. The election took place under restrictions on fundamental freedoms and limited space for political engagement.
On 9 February 2020, Azerbaijan held parliamentary elections. They were originally scheduled to take place in November 2020, but were brought forward after parliament was dissolved in December 2019.