Uli Henkel

Versions of names: Ули Хенкель

Uli Henkel is a German lawyer, management consultant and politician of the AfD (Alternative for Germany). He works as a lawyer and independent business consultant in Bavaria. Since 2018 - Deputy of the Bavarian Landtag. He is also member of the Council of Elders, the Submission and Complaints Committee and the Broadcasting Council.


ECDHR observers at the 2020 Azerbaijani parliamentary elections


Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) / Alternative for Germany

Member of the regional parliament of Bavaria

I am very surprised at how transparent the process was organised. There were many observers. This shows that the government wants to demonstrate transparency, and it has nothing to hide.

http://archive.is/hKfsp#selection-821.1-821.186 (2020-02-15)

Everything passed as we expected. The elections were transparent and democratic.

http://archive.is/SzTn8#selection-325.1-325.80 (2020-02-09)

Corresponding elections

On 9 February 2020, Azerbaijan held parliamentary elections. They were originally scheduled to take place in November 2020, but were brought forward after parliament was dissolved in December 2019.