Zoran Krstić

Versions of names: Зоран Крстић, Зоран Кристич, Зоран Крстич

Zoran Krstić is a civil activist and psychologist from Serbia.


Individual observers at the 2018 general elections in the unrecognised Lugansk People’s Republic

not identified

Процедура голосования была построена грамотно. Нарушений мы не зафиксировали, порадовала активность избирателей. Поэтому моя оценка выборов в Республике — очень высокая!

Corresponding elections

On 11 November 2018, the so-called Lugansk People’s Republic, located within the internationally recognised borders of Ukraine, held “elections” to elect a head of the “republic” and members of its “parliament”. The overwhelming majority of the world’s nations does not recognise the sovereignty of the Lugansk People’s Republic, while international institutions such as the OSCE ODIHR considered “elections” there as illegitimate and did not send international election observers there.