Sämi Meier

Versions of names: Сэми Майер / Sami Meier

Sämi Meier is an Attorney at Law, Partner at Studhalter & Pfister Rechtsanwälte AG.


International experts observing elections on the 2019 Russian single voting day

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Institutional affiliation to Studhalter & Pfister Rechtsanwälte

Сам процесс выборов очень хорошо организован. Используются современные технологии и оборудование. В техническом плане выборы в России лучше, чем в Швейцарии.

http://archive.is/0gvwP#selection-431.145-431.301 (2020-02-07)

Corresponding elections

On the single voting day on 8 September 2019, Russia elected governors in 19 federal subjects and members of legislative bodies in 13 federal subjects. In July 2019, the Moscow City Election Commission (MCEC) refused to register the overwhelming majority of independent opposition candidates for the elections to the Moscow City Duma. This provoked mass protests in Moscow and undermined the legitimacy of the elections.