Maria Rodriguez-McKey

Versions of names: Мария Родригес-МакКей

Maria Rodriguez-McKey is the author of several books. The most well-known book is Proportional Western Europe: The Failure of Governance.


International experts observing elections on the 2017 Russian single voting day

not identified

Насколько мы видели, никаких нарушений или жалоб со стороны избирателей или кандидатов не было. Процесс очень хорошо организован. Очень хорошо работает информирование избирателей (2017-09-11)

Corresponding elections

Election Day was held on September 10, 2017. 82 out of 85 of Russia's regions took part in the voting. Only in Saint Petersburg, Republic of Ingushetia and Magadan Oblast no elections took place