Volker Tschapke

Versions of names: Фолькер Чапке

Volker Tschapke is a founding and honorary president of the Prussian Society Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.


AFRIC observers at the 2018 Zimbabwean general elections

No affiliation

Institutional affiliation to the Prussian Society Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

I was touched with many young people standing in the queues waiting to vote. It was a great day for Zimbabweans.

It is something unique. We have never had that in the world because it was totally peaceful and there was no drop of blood. This is a very important foundation for the coming elections. We are proud and it is very critical that we are here and see what is going on. What we have realised is good. It is like a mood before Christmas, everybody is happy about what is coming. It is very peaceful.

Corresponding elections

On 30 July 2018, Zimbabwe held general elections to elect the president and members of both houses of parliament. For the first time since 2002, Western institutions sent several missions to monitor the elections in Zimbabwe following the coup d’état in 2017.