Tom Van Dijck

Versions of names:

Tom Van Dijck is the Secretary-General of the European Conservatives at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). He is also the
Secretary-General of the Conservatives in NATO Parliamentary Assembly.


Individual observers at the 2022 parliamentary election in Hungary


European Conservatives Group

Institutional affiliation to PACE, Secretary General of European Conservatives Group

Official function: Institutional affiliation to NATO PA, Secretary General of Conservatives

Tom Van Dijck [...] said they saw a functioning democracy in Hungary and well-organized polling stations. As he said, if Brussels does not follow its dictatorship badly, it will lead to threats of funding being withdrawn. According to him, the Hungarian left did not offer any alternatives, its only message was an attack by the government.

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Corresponding elections

In anticipation of the OSCE ODIHR mission’s criticism of the Hungarian parliamentary elections, the Hungarian authorities decided that they needed to counterbalance the expected OSCE’s criticism with positive assessments of the elections. To this end, and for the first time in the history of any EU Member State, Orbán’s government invited dozens of friendly politicians, journalists, and civil society activists whose aim was to endorse the elections. These friendly observers – among them members of the European Parliament and of the PACE of the Council of Europe - praised the conduct of the parliamentary elections.