Qiang Xiaoyun

Versions of names: Цян Сяоюнь

Dr. Qiang Xiaoyun is an associate professor and a Deputy Director of Department of Russian-Central Asian Studies, Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS). Dr. Qiang obtained a Ph. D. degree in political science and a master degree in world economics from Institute for Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Qiang published two books, namely “Impact Factors of Immigrants on the Current Sino-Russia Relations” (in Chinese, 2010) and “Sino-Russia Relationship and Security Problems in Northeast Asia” (in Russian, 2004). Dr. Qiang also co-translated the book of “International Energy Politics and Diplomacy”. Dr. Qiang’s essays have been widely published in Russian Journals, like “Asia and Africa Today” and “Observer", as well as Chinese Journals like "World Economy and Politics”, “Abroad theory development”,” “World Ethno-National Studies” and so on.

Corresponding elections

The seventh presidential election in Russia was held on 18 March 2018. With the exception of the election in Russia-annexed Crimea, this election is considered legitimate. The election held in Crimea for the Russian presidency is internationally considered to be an illegitimate election, see more on this at the election page 2018 Russian presidential election in annexed Crimea. The election took place under restrictions on fundamental freedoms and limited space for political engagement.