Konstantin Zatulin

Versions of names: Константин Затулин

Konstantin Zatulin is a Russian politician, 1994-1995, 2003-2007, 2007-2011, 2016-2021 (est.)member of the State Duma, the first deputy chairman of the committee of the State Duma for the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and relations with Russian nationals abroad.


Individual observers at the 2019 presidential elections in the unrecognised Republic of Abkhazia


Единая Россия / United Russia

Member of the national parliament of the Russian Federation

The elections were not accompanied by irregularities, we have not found any, and we hope that there won’t be any between the first and second rounds, as well as after the second round.

http://archive.is/K5pkp#selection-421.1-421.184 (2019-08-27)

В первую очередь, наша миссия в том, чтобы удостоверить - выборы прошли честно и не сопровождались нарушениями. И это мы сейчас утверждаем.

Выборы не сопровождались нештатными ситуациями, мы их не отмечаем.

http://archive.is/Ax4SW (2019-08-26)

Corresponding elections

The so-called Republic of Abkhazia, located within the internationally recognised borders of Georgia, held “presidential elections” on 25 August and 8 September 2019. The overwhelming majority of the world’s nations does not recognise the sovereignty of the Republic of Abkhazia, while international institutions such as the OSCE ODIHR considered “elections” there as illegitimate and did not send international election observers there.